Dublin’s Best Geeky Spots: Games Workshop, Liffey Street Home of Warhammer, haven of tabletop gamers.

With the advent of triple A computer games and blockbuster films, it is all too easy to leave our concrete world in favour of the digital. Bone-rattling sound systems and slick graphics bring to life what was before limited to writing and imagination. What if there was an alternative? A hark back to the days before digitalisation?

Set in the centre of town, this is what Games Workshop has to offer. Primarily dealing in Warhammer figurines, the patient craft of model painting is fused with the strategic art of board games. Warhammer comes in two flavours; Age of Sigmar (fantasy) and 40,000 (science fiction). Age of Sigmar features figurines of dwarves, elves, dragons and orcs. For others, 40,000 offers space marines, bio-beasts, battle-suits and more orcs — only this time with tanks.

The figures themselves are expensive and so building up your own collection can be a daunting task. For those more interested in playing out fantasy scenarios, video gaming may remain your safer option. For others who want to take the time to design and paint their own models however, Warhammer is a great bet.

Whether used as decoration for your desk or as a relaxing way to spend an afternoon painting, the crew in the shop are more than happy to teach both design and how to play against others. There is also a solid community based around the shop. Even if you only nip in to admire the work of others, Games Workshop is a step into the realm of fantasy while leaving the computer at home.

Games Workshop can be found at Unit 3, Liffey Street, Dublin 1.

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