Relatable Character of the Month: E from “Entourage” Eric ‘E’ Murphy brought something to "Entourage" that none of the other characters possessed: common sense.

For all his petty moaning, mood killing and marrying OF Sloane, Eric ‘E’ Murphy brought something to Entourage that none of the other characters possessed: common sense.

Facing a torrent of abuse from all the Hollywood big shots throughout the series, including from a not-so-thinly veiled “Harvey Weingard” who singled E out for verbal torment. At a time when Harvey Weinstein’s decades of abusive behaviour toward women have hit the headlines, think of that time in Entourage when Harvey Weingard hurled insults and toxicity toward the defenseless but ever sensible and quiet E over and over again. E was greeted with shouts of “Do you know who I am?” “I’ll eat you alive, shit you out my tuchus and flush you down the toilet!” and “You’ll never work again.”

E knew better than to talk back to Weingard and never retaliated to the insults. He goes on to be quite successful, and E was but a drop in the ocean of people the show’s most despicable character insulted without any consequences. Something has finally been done about Weinstein’s path of destruction – yet how many other people are out there right now, like E, facing not just insults but work-related abuse, feeling they must stay quiet for the sake of the career? Hollywood chose to lampoon a thinly-veiled character on a TV show instead of stepping up to improve the lives of real people, particularly women, suffering within its industry. It can, and must, do so much better than this.

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