Communication, Consent and Confidence: Get the SHIFT Sex is pleasure, and pleasure is a renewable resource.

SHIFT Day is one of four campaigns the Student Union have this year to spread awareness about ‘Sexual Health Information For Trinity.’ When students come to Trinity, they can be sexually active for the first time, and the Welfare Office wants to make sure that you’re sexually aware, keep safe and enjoy yourself.

This time, we’re focusing on the basics of sex. We’re trying to get out the message that communication, consent and confidence are the basics to great sex.

We’re having a BYOB jazz night in Players Theatre (starting at 20:30 today, Thursday) to drive home the idea that sex is a chill, enjoyable experience. We have a live jazz band improving on stage, with free beer and games as well.

Sex is collaborative, ongoing, and not just about the outcome. You’re invested in your partners’ enjoyment as well as your own. We sometimes judge others or ourselves for what we enjoy, shaming people who have (by our reckoning) too much sex, calling them “damaged goods.” But sex is pleasure, and pleasure is a renewable resource. You can’t damage goods, because there are none. Sex is an experience, not a good.

We don’t have to judge, stigmatise or make jokes about people who have too much or too little sex, with too many, too few or the wrong kind of people. Whether it’s planned or unplanned, with the love of your life or a stranger from Dicey’s — there’s nothing wrong, as long as there’s consent!

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