Keeping up with Poldark – season 3, episode 9 – the finale Kettles on, tricorn hats out, good coats at the ready: it’s time for one final fling with this year’s series of Poldark.

The final episode of Poldark’s third series opened with coastlines, rum, warbling, and even a flicked-out sailor’s telescope (not a euphemism). There were love letters with phrases like ‘press but her lips to mine, and never let love decay’ (basically the eighteenth century’s answer to sexting); George was screwing over the poor again; and Geoffrey Charles was channeling Aunt Agatha (“It’s a Poldark house! And he’s a usurper!”). This being a series finale, however, it was inevitable they’d invoke the ancient Poldark rule that no more than two people can be happy at any one time (this week it was Dwight and Caroline). I predicted a finale of adultery and clifftop contemplation, mining and murder, and though there was less of the latter, they went hell for leather on the former.


Keeping up with Poldark – season 3, episode 8 Extramarital shifting! Heartfelt confessions! Shiny hair! Fireside snacks! Murder?

The penultimate episode of Poldark series three was a bit of a belter, mainly thanks to one particularly spectacular bait and switch. Poldark rarely employs overt storytelling devices (there’s only been one hallucinatory vision sequence so far this year, and hardly any voiceovers) but when they do, it’s marvellous. SPOILERS!